Thursday, October 20, 2011

How to seek more cognitive ability (fluency intellegence)

What is fluency intellegence?
This is the intellegence you need to attain NEW information, build new connections in your brain, which will then be used in new/difficult situations

With 4 principles you will achieve a better cognitive ability:

1. Seek Novelty
When your brain becomes curious about something new, it releases dopamine, dopamine increases your motivation level, and also neurogenesis (the creation of new neurons)
Seek out new items of curiousity, learn a new domain, openness to new experiences, learn new activities do things like going to the museum, learning a new language, learn to play an instrument etc.

2. Challenge Yourself
Here is the deal: Once you are profficient at a task, your brain becomes lazy. It needs less energy and cognitive acitivty to complete the task, only by constantly keeping your head busy with NEW taks, that require a descent amount of comprehension your brain will stay active. So: Efficiency is not a good thing when it comes to your cognitive ability, you need to challgenge yourself.

3. Think Creatively
When your brain creates something there is a flexible connection between your brain halves, gathering a wide variety of thoughts and ideas to come up with something that will be creative, when this behavior is applied more frequent your brain will be able to make other connections with new models. Increasing your chance of making a better decision on tests, life situations etc.

4. Do Things The Hard Way
When you make shortcuts (take the easy route) you are making your brain lose its ability to think hard, you have to train your brain to increase action! Just like your muscles will disinegrate if you don't do exercise your brain will as well. So when you are confronted with something try to take all the routes you know, and not the easiest option. Challenge your brain to come up with more initiative, don't use spell check, GPS and all those other convenience gadgets.

5. Network
Expose yourself to others, in everyday conversations you will have to use all the previously mentioned points, You will reach new environments, new ideas, new people. All of this will help you curl up your cognitive action curve.

7 Billion mark of world-population reached

Things that you should know in reference to this topic:

1960s: we had half of the current population
Scientists are estimating that the world population will be 8 Billion in 2025 and 10 Billion in 2083

Increase is mostly seen in countries were less family planning is available with high-fertility rates, and countries with large-family traditions:
39 Countries in Africa, 9 in Asia, 6 in Oceana, and 4 in Latin America.

Problems we will face: Increasing Resource Shortage, Extreme family plannning in developing countries